Old-World Italian Culture, Brooklyn Style



Angie Carpello experiences the ups and downs of life from her popular stoop on Conselyea Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn. As she and her neighborhood grow up and change, Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies elements of Mob mentality, Catholic Church vagaries, and Old World Italian cultural values - think FOOD and FAMILY - mold her into a young woman saddled with more questions than answers until she meets Chinese farm boy with a tragic past Wengchan Liang (aka Peter Wei), now a runner/hitman for the Mafia.

Fate or serendipity provide a collision course for them, which not only rescues her from a life-threatening, contentious set of circumstances but also enables for him a pathway to long-sought redemption.


“... Angiolillo’s and Kule’s superb and clear writing make 'A Brooklyn Saga' easy to navigate through all the different names and relationships and geography of Brooklyn, a place I’ve never visited. I felt like I came to know the characters, all of them. All in all, this is a wonderful story, wonderfully constructed and wonderfully written. So, so enjoyable! Man, oh man!” — Dwight Noteslinger Mikkelsen, (a.k.a. AUTHOR Foster Kinn)


Carolyn Angiolillo grew up in Williamsburg Brooklyn. This is her first published novel.

Ronald Joseph Kule wrote and published several biographies and novels, some ghostwritten.


“'A Brooklyn Saga...' is a wonderful and personal representation of how the mixture of characters from many lands came together on the stoops of Brooklyn sidewalks... a revelation of the intricate weavings of our special culture: gritty and fascinating, loving and wonderful. I was profoundly touched by this easy-to-read exposé.” — Dr. James Goldberg, Nominee for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico


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“To read ‘A Brooklyn Saga' is to travel back in time to the real Brooklyn... the characters are colorful and nuanced, and details about the neighborhood and the locals who reside in it are so visceral that you can practically taste Caterina’s gravy and feel the front steps of her family’s stoop under your feet... a joy to read!” — Alison Caporimo, former deputy editor of Seventeen magazine

“'A Brooklyn Saga...' engages like only an evening of gossip with the family can. The characters are... more than enough to give a sense of what life was like during the last century in this little section of the universe called Williamsburg Brooklyn. You’ll be richer for meeting these people.” — Darrell Edrich, Client Builders Business Consulting, Clearwater, Florida


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